It is no longer a ferry tale that the student body of the Federal university of technology Owerri are aggrieved, distressed and seriously perturbed with the sudden increment of fees in the institution. Today's protest have expressed to a great extent that students are angry with the management body over their decisions so far and the unfavourable modus operandi within the university community.
  Oh yes! we have protested to show the management body that we are against their decision as regards to increment in fees. But let us be frank and ask ourselves whether we achieved the objectives of the protest or rather worsened the situation of things in the institution.
  If a child is beaten, surely the child will cry out to show discomfort. We have been beaten, we have cried but did our cry yield any resourceful result today. I will say that today's protest against the school authorities produced two(2) results of which one will affect us severely.
The first result is that students have exercised their right and the national communities now know that the students are unhappy and unpleased with the recent decision of the management over the increment of fees and other related issues. Secondly, we have imposed on ourselves an extra fee for damaging  school properties which was built to serve our academic purpose ,which is  against what we are fighting for(reduction of fees).This have also won us all free tickets to stay home for weeks if not months.
  Now lets ask ourselves whether we actually did it right. We could have allowed this protest be  peaceful rather than allow touts and hoodlums damage the school properties. So far, academic activities has been halted and everyone is forced to vacate the school premises. Even students staying in the hostels have been asked to leave their comfort zone to nowhere.
If this protest is aimed at destruction and vandalization of school properties then it is not worth it because it totally contradicts what we stand for and what we are fighting for. We are fighting for a free and quality education.
We cannot use vandalism as a tool to achieve our quest for a free and quality education. Please Nigerian Students, lets be wise and trade with caution so that our struggle will not be in vain.

Considering, the situation of things it is advisable for us all to remain calm until we hear from the School authorities.
For now stay safe and remain peaceful. A lot of damage has been done already.
Be rest assured that we are playing our role and have not been quiet from the Onset.

    SIGNED: Chairman
                  of the council
    Announcer: P.R.O of the Council
On behalf of the council of Presidents FUTO,
Constituted by all Departments and Faculties in FUTO.